Co2 Jet Cannon Info

CO2 Jet Cannons Information

Stage Effects with CO2 Cannons

Co2 Cannons

CO2 Jet Cannons are imperative in modern day stage shows. CO2 Cannons are the tools that have made the performances livelier adding color and dynamism with the use of various elements. While choices range from the smallest handheld co2 fog cannon, we also have the big stage CO2 machines that make the audience freak out madly! With the success of the co2 cannons, various derivatives have been conceptualized and these can turn your event into the most happening spot in town.

Cryo Jet CO2 Cannons

This tool can provide professional quality stage effects and can decorate any event. CO2 effects are often seen in events, parties or on the stage when a trance and a co2 fog effect needs to be created. This also makes good use of the spotlights turning the whole platform into something more mesmerizing and dynamic.

Most of the times, the fog effects created by CO2 jet cannons create good emotions, thereby attracting the attention of the people like nothing else. When a band performance is in place, the Kryo jet cannons in sync with the moving lights, add dynamic element of the music and this livens up the mood to a great extent.

LED Shows with LED CO2 Cannons

Turn festivals into original and unforgettable experiences with the amazing LED CO2 cannons. The gadget could be aptly used to produce incredible co2 shows filled with incredible and dynamic colors while keeping the cool special effect. These shows could be the special point of attractions in weddings, birthday parties or any other form of wild celebrations. The led cryo cannons will add an array of color with co2 effects and will certainly surprise the audience.

Cold Jet Kryo Cannons

Have you ever wondered how the entrance stunts in WWE stages are created with all the white plumes of fog galloping high as soon as Rey Mysterio enters the arena? These are actually the work of CO2 jet cannons. The effect is widely used in stages, entrances and always draws the attention of the viewer and creates a wonderful long tern fad effect. These projectors could be used both indoors and outdoors, but you need to careful about the specifications of the installation.

Creating a Heavenly Effect with Co2 Cannon

CO2 jet cannons have been used in several instances of Halloween parties, stage events and in any case when you want to create a snow fills. The co2 cannon fills the ground up to 40 cm, or 16 inches, and this creates a heavenly effect. Ever seen stage shows and drama events where Jesus is shown in heaven and among the clouds? This is the reason behind specific uses of the co2 cannon. This CO2 jet cannon effect have been used on the biggest stages and could also be a part of your event.

Moveable Co2 Cannons

This could aptly be a part of the Christmas celebrations. A yard full of snow (foam actually) will be a great gift for the children and for every other guest. These machines are easy to use and generally require to be hung.

While all these special CO2 cannon effects are highly entertaining, a lot of precaution must be taken while using them. Make sure that the party ends in a good mood.